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Charles Bennett Group, LLC (CBG) is a unique, privately held global management consulting, technology services, and investment firm with experience across its five service offerings: New Business Startup & Yearly Business Update, Proposal, Program, Technical, and Financial Service Teams. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide "Repeatable, Scalable, and Tailorable Training, Processes, and Templates" for all Plans and Projects.

We provide C-level Mentoring & Coaching, Business Management, Capture Management, Proposal Management, Program Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Contract Management, Technical Management, Manufacturing Management, and Financial Management services to assist all levels and functions of an organization to maximize performance.

New Business Startup & Yearly Business Update Service Team

New Business Startup and Yearly Business Update Service Team provides you with SMEs to launch and run your business by assisting you in generating your Business Plan, Venture Capital Presentation, Bank Loan Plan, 5 to 10 Years Long-Range Plan (Strategic), Yearly Operational Plan (Tactical), and Company Presentation Portfolio.

Proposal Service Team

Proposal Service Team provides SMEs in the areas of Pipeline Plan, Contact Plan, Opportunity (Capture) Plan, Proposal Plan - Overall Proposal Process, Management Review (Interest, Pursuit, Win Strategy, Price-To-Win (PTW), Preliminary Bid, Bid Confirmation, Proposal Kickoff, Proposal Submittal, and Awards) Plans, Color Team (Blue, Black Hat, Green, Gold #1, Pink, Red, and Gold #2) Plans, Competitive Analysis Plan, Proposal Production / Graphics Plans, Orals Plan, and Best and Final Offer (BAFO) Plan.

Program Service Team

Program Service Team provides SMEs in the areas Project Management (Kick-off, Performance Metrics, Delivery Tracking, Change Order Generation & Implementation, Sustainment, and Project Close-out) Plans, and System Engineering Management Plans (SEMP).

Technical Service Team

Business and Technical Synergy Services Team providesMatchmaker and Out-of-the-Boxservices to increase your Top-line (Orders or Bookings) and Bottom-line (Profit).Matchmaker services mean that we act as a broker to introduce you to other companies that need your company’s services or solutions today. Our Business and Technical Services areas provide clients with Out-of-the-Box unique solutions to problems that seem to be unsolvable or your solution is too expensive.

Technical Services Team provides SMEs in the areas of secure Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4I2SR) systems, Information Technology (IT), Sensor Systems, Communication Systems, Communications Satellites, Information Assurance, Wireless Applications, Cryptography, Tagging, Tracking & Locating Services, Interference & Radio Geo-location Services, and Software Defined Radio Design & Application Services. We provide the seasoned resources to assess the problem, recommend alternatives, and implement the right changes.

Financial Service Team

Financial Services Team provides you with financial management resources to assist you with identifying, validating, and integrating companies into your portfolio, including activities such as due diligence, capitalization, merger & acquisition, and real estate transactions.

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